Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Last Greek skirmishers

This is my third and final unit of Greek skirmishers for Cynoscephalae this Saturday. Thirty six skirmishers painted in just over six weeks (all except one which I painted in January). I still seem to have quite a few in my drawers so I'd better work out how many I would ever need for an army. One day I will have to resolve the "are they spears or javelins?" issue and add a spare javelin if the latter.
For Cynoscephale, with the Thracians that I should finish tomorrow, I will have painted:
36 Greek skirmishers
12 Cretan Archers
12 Thracian Peltasts
6 Italian javelin men
8 Greek Light Cavalry
16 Greek/Macedonian Heavy Cavalry
2 Macedonian Generals
There are also all the Punic Romans I painted as well, thinking they might be needed. In fact, I think I am just taking 24 Velites.
Even so, that's 92 figures plus the Romans. They will nearly all be useful for the Spartan Mercenary Army, earlier Greek armies and Macedonian armies.

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