Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Greek Skirmishers

This is the second unit of Greek skirmishers finished. The whole lot in a week. I have deliberately made it unclear as to whether they have spears or javelins so I can use them as both peltasts or javelinmen. The spears I picked up at Salute and they are nice steel ones with a leaf blade, so they shouldn't bend like the soft metal ones.

I have another 12 based and maybe have even another 12 after that. In the meantime I need to do the two Macedonian generals and maybe get the last six Greek light horse done. It's going to be tight!


Giles said...

Those look very good legatus. I like the way you've done the flesh - it all looks very natural.


legatushedlius said...

Thank they are rather more "impressionistic" than I usually do given the time constraints for this project!