Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Immortal plastic hoplites: size comparison

L to R: Artizan/Gorgon, Immortal and Foundry

Here are some pictures of a new plastic Immortal hoplite v my normal Artizan/Gorgon and Foundry ones. He is about the same height but much slimmer as he is better proportioned. The heads, especially are much smaller. Until I assembled one I thought they wouldn't work with my existing figures at all but now that I have put one together I have decided I would definitely have no problem putting them in the same army and maybe even in the same unit. Their historical accuracy and utter gorgeousness overwhelms any (slight) reservation I had about size compatability. Quite simply the best 28mm Ancient Greeks ever made.

You can clearly see the head size difference here


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Thanks for the pics. The Immortal plastics seem to do very well with the metal figure lines.

Anonymous said...

totally agree, I wasn't too sure about compatability as i painted up a box last week. Then when I deployed them as a phalanx in a game with foundry greeks and Steve Saleh spartans all seemed fine.

Spartan Weapons said...

It's great to see some Spartan's to help me paint! Thanks, I also like their weapon placement.