Sunday, July 06, 2008

First unit of Spartan Knights completed..sort of.

Well, encouraged by the fact that we have a new recruit at Guildford who is interested in Classical Greek wargaming in 28mm for WAB, I have finished the figures I needed to complete my first unit of classical period Spartan hoplites.
Here they are all, 16 of them!

They are a very small unit of 16 men, so one casualty would destroy their phalanx ability straight away. I probably need to make them 2o at least but for the Thermopylae scenario I am looking at that would probably be too many, but 16 isn't really viable in WAB. Or is it? If I use the sacred band rule, which would be appropriate for Leonidas' bodyguard then they become immune to psychology and never break. I think I may test this out in the next few weeks by pitting them against a bigger unit of Peltasts, standing in for Persians and see how they do.

A Spartan Hoplite sacred band member is an astonishing 27 points so this unit is 442 points! So they better hold!

I have now started work on two more figures who may make another file to bring them up to 20. I may now also paint my Leonidas figure and move the officer to the second unit.

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Costas -Λ- Trutch said...

i like it my friend!! i wait for the rest of your army!