Sunday, November 25, 2007

Three more Spartan knights

I finished another three Spartan hoplies today so now I have 12 for my first unit. I'm looking at a unit of 20 I think so I will order some more once I have painted the last five I have. Then I think I will order some light infantry to go with them. I'm not short of Greek light infantry but the Artizan ones look particularly nice. I just wish that they would release a musician as I can't finish the unit without one.


Giles said...

You're cracking figures out very quickly these days, LH. Lovely stuff, as usual.

Demetrios said...


I am glad I've found your blog as I am about to re-dive into the world of historical wargames. Spartan was kind of my first choice when I thought about it... so I had bought some foundry figures three years ago. Then I started my dissertation and the project was abandoned very very swiftly. Two days ago, after finishing my work, the fever caught me again. Now I am suddenly stuck, as I have also come across the... *menacing drum rolls* "helmet debate". Well, that and the whole "what were they wearing question." I am dealing a bit in archeology (my dissertation was on doric architecture) and I know that our sources give us only a limited amount of information, but other than that I am clueless. I've read ‘Hoplites and Heroes: Sparta’s Contribution to the Technique of Ancient Warfare’, in The Journal of Hellenic Studies by Cartledge. I guess the schools of thought in wargames have their own dynamics though.
Now I know that Thucydides mentions that the Spartans wore (at least mainly) piloi, but I guess other more open faced helmets would do as well. So I am cursing myself for buying the classical Spartans and the hoplites with the high corinthian helmets (both from foundry) back then. Now I am confused and uncertain.
Are you still creating a spartan led mercenary army? What time frames do you think you could cover with that and in which of these time frames would you use corinthian helmets and as what?

By the way, while Plutarch mentions that shields had individual devices, Xenophon mentions the Lamda (I think). Other cities like Mantineia started even by the end of the 6th century to use uniform devices, so a Lamda would still have been alright in your army. Especially as late as Cynoscephalae when more Perioikoi joined the Spartan ranks.

Anyway, I am rambling. Shows how confused and excited I am at the same time.

Thank you for your informative blog and excuse my english. :)

Greetings from Germany from a Greek,


trutch said...

Demetrios if u read this comment contact with me! File mou!