Sunday, November 13, 2005

Work begins..

Sitting through the "X Factor" on Saturday with the family gave me the chance to clean up and base my first group of Spartans. I have chosen 8 armoured hoplites to start with and a number of officers. I haven't been able to start earlier as I was finishing a unit of Foundry Early Imperial Romans for a game at Warfare in Reading next weekend. These are the large Foundry Romans sculpted by Steve Saleh who also did the Greeks. Its a shame he never got to finish the Foundry Range.
The problem so far is that I picked up the new Warhammer Historical Hannibal supplement this week with some of the new Renegade Republican Romans. This means that I am getting distracted already. I am just going to try to paint both Spartans and Romans at the same time as they have a lot in common painting wise.
Anyway here they are, optimistically on the front rank! Behind are the Rengade Punic Romans, then some 3rd Century Romans and a jumble of Sudan British, Somalis, Lord of the Rings Dwarves and Trojans. I do find it difficult to concentrate on one period! Also visible is the first of my Spartans to actually have some paint on him-I think he is going to be my general.

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