Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some more plastic hoplites

The three legged symbol is that of the Alcmaeonid clan

I have just finished four more Immortal Miniatures plastic hoplites which, as usual, were pretty easy to paint.  I am not entirely convinced by these, mainly due to the fact that the sword scabbards cannot possibly hang down vertically because they get in the way of the shield arm.  Someone at Immortal actually claimed that recent research showed that this was the way they were in fact carried.  Hmm. I'm not convinced.  Having looked at some examples of warriors on Greek pottery what is more noticeable is that hardly any warriors have swords at all so maybe I am better just to leave them off.

I've got some more from the new late Spartans box under way but I have some issues with those too which I will discuss when I have finished some.

This time my experience of Immortal's shield transfers was somewhat better as I invested in some gloss varnish for the shield surfaces which helped adhesion considerably.  I still got some frosting and rough edges however but, on the whole, I think they look nice.