Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Four Hoplites

I have now painted four of the new Artizan Hoplites; one each of the overarm spear set (you get two of each). I am working on a command figure and then I will stop for a bit as I am doing some Darkest Africa stuff. I have decided to paint the shield devices rather than use transfers as I want my Spartans to have plain bronze surfaced, rather than painted, shields. There will just be some painted devices on the metal. I think that this is more "spartan" and slightly more primitive given that I would like to think that Spartan Hoplites spent more time on their drill than on what was on their shields. I will reserve the painted shields for the more effete Athenians.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Artizan v Vendel

Here is one of the new Artizan Spartans with a Vendel Persian command.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Spartan

I've decided to paint one of each of the new Artizan Spartans I ordered so now have two hoplites finished and two more nearly ready.
These are Persian Wars era Spartans so I have decided to paint them with plain bronze shields and simple shield blazons. I've decided to paint these rather than use transfers as I want the backgrounds of the shields to reamain bronze rather than painted. I will use the painted backgrounds and, therefore, transfers, for other Greek city states.
The spears are Gripping Beast. They are a little fat but I like the way I can carve the end to form the bronze butt at the base of the spear.
These really are very easy figures to paint, even for me!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spartan Officer

Here is the first figure I have painted from the Artizan Spartan command pack. The figure is what Artizan refer to as "Command Staff" as opposed to the "unit command".

He carries the typical Lakedaimonian staff, the bakte╬╝rion. More likely to be carried by envoys travelling abroad on diplomatic missions than in battle, nevertheless, it is as typically Spartan as the tribo╬╝n cloak which, again, was unlikely to have been worn in battle. So what role this lovely figure will have in my classical Spartan army I am not yet sure!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Arizan Spartan Part 2

Well, I've finished my first one and I'm reasonably happy with it. Pretty easy to paint although maybe the arms and legs are lacking in a little muscular definition compared with some of his Foundry Greeks.

The comparison photos show that they match with the Foundry Spartans perfectly and hence with their other Greeks (I'm sure I have a part completed Athenian hoplite somewhere!). Nearly finished an officer so hope to have him up in a day or too.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Artizan Spartan Part 1

I ordered my Artizan Spartans (the first two sets of armoured hoplites and the command pack) on Wednesday evening and they arrived Friday morning! First impression are very good indeed.

Unlike most of the later Spartans he did for Foundry Mike Owen has sculpted these figures with beards but no moustache, which is quite correct. Also the shields are that little bit bigger: also correct.

Size-wise they are completely compatible with the Foundry Greek figures (not always the case when a sculptor works for another manufacturer).

I will do a proper review when I have actually finished a figure; which will hopefully be later this week as I have started one as a test.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Artizan Spartans.. out!

Just ordered 2 packs of hoplites and the command pack. I was sorting through my Foundry Greeks last weekend and those Steve Saleh figures are just wonderful so really looking forward to these. They have officially announced the Persians too, although I think that 12 packs of Persians will barely cover the main troop types. There are always the Vendel ones as well, though.

I will try to paint at least one as soon as they arrive!